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SWTSA Inset Day - Update

3rd November 2020



Following the traditional format of SWTSA providing a subject focussed day, 20 sessions were offered across SWTSA schools with approximately 400 members of staff attending. We had lots of positive feedback which included:

What I liked

“Meeting other practitioners, being excited about innovative teaching ideas.”

“AQA feedback on 2019 GCSE exams.”

What I’ll do differently

“Promote autism friendly strategies generally.”

“Think about how to incorporate metacognition into my lessons.”



The SWTSA inset day has undergone a change this year and schools benefited from access to a weeks’ worth of 30 webinars focussing on the important topic of Mental Wellbeing.

The webinars covered both student and teacher wellbeing both in and out of the classroom. Sessions included:

Supporting Anxious Autistic Children and Young People
Talking About Mental Health with Children and Young People

  • Jen McDiarmid | Understanding How to Nourish the Body and Boost the Immune System
  • Stuart Griffin | Sleep Optimisation

MWB Week in Numbers

86 schools signed up (51 Primary and 35 Secondary)

1500+ webinars were viewed (as of 2nd November)

30 webinars delivered across 5 days

9 Staff Mental Wellbeing (yoga, mindfulness, nutrition, stress, sleep)

21 Staff / Pupil Mental Wellbeing


9 watch anytime (previously delivered live and only recordings available)

5 live webinars (no recordings made)

16 live streamed and recordings available after the event

WWW “It is good to recognise that mental health is an issue for staff and students” “The sleep optimisation was excellent and so was the caffeine and sugar webinar. Great explanations and very professional”

EBI “Being able to do more sessions” “I just wish I had more time available to watch some of the other workshops as I am sure they would all be very helpful!”


Links to a full report by Jude Owens, TSSW can be found here




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