Latest CPD Offer

Please see below details for the latest CPD events on offer

Student Wellbeing Series | Charlie Waller Memorial Trust | Teen Brain | Series of 2 Webinars

29th June and 6th July Summer | Online

Adolescent Brain |  Find out more and book here


Sport England Led | Active Schools | Secondary

  • Active Schools Secondary | 22th, 28th June and 6th July | Book Here

Find out about evidence to support physically active school ethos anf the links between Physical activity, social and emotional wellbeing.


Kingsbridge Research School CPD programme – Cohort 2 | Making the Difference for Disadvantaged Pupils

This will be an online modular programme with some self-directed sessions, similar to the previous event hosted earlier this academic year.

The dates for the online sessions are as follows:

Session 1: Tuesday 20 April 2021

Session 2: Friday 7 May 2021

Session 3: Tuesday 25 May 2021

Session 4: Monday 14 June 2021

Session 5: Friday 25 June 2021

 £150 or FREE if your school is part of TSSW.  To book your place click here.


Kingsbridge Research School | Exploring the EEF’s “Making the Best Use of Teaching Assistants” Guidance Report | 11th June 2020 - 2021 | Book Here

Based on practical evidence-based guidance to help primary and secondary schools to deploy teaching assistants in line with the evidence. on the EEF’S Report 


Ofsted - Live Q & A with Lead Inspectors in the following subjects :

  • History: Tim Jenner        | Tuesday 22 June 3.45 – 5pm Book History here

  • Science: Jasper Green  | Thursday 1 July  3.45 – 5pm Teams | Book Science here

  • PE: Hanna Miller | Thursday 7th October | 3:45 – 5pm  |Book  PE here

  • English: Sarah Hubbard   | Thursday 30th September |3:45 – 5pm | Book English here  Secondary audience only

  • Geography: Iain Freeland  | Thursday 14 October | 3:45 – 5pm | Book Geography here

  • Languages:  Michael Wardle | Thursday 15 July 3.45 – 5pm Teams | Book Languages here


Introduction to Understanding Mental Health | Livewell NHS | 1400 - 1500 | 8th July 2021 | Book Here

This course is suitable for any member of staff working within the school environment, both pastoral, administrative, and teaching staff of all levels. This is an introductory session that will.

  • Build confidence in identifying and supporting those in need
  • Develop an awareness of what mental health is
  • Outline the common problems of managing mental health
  • Understand the common types of mental health
  • Explain how to recognise poor mental health in self and others
  • Understand how you can support members of staff living with mental health problems and the signposts available



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