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Who are we?

Teaching Schools are ‘lead’ schools within an Alliance of Schools and Partners whose role is to work with others to provide high-quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Initial Teacher Training (ITT) and support for school improvement in their local area. Kingsbridge Community College (KCC) and Ivybridge Community College (ICC) are joint lead schools for SWTSA. In 2019|2020 there were 23 Secondary Schools and 14 Primary Schools in our Alliance


SWTSA’s Purpose:

SWTSA’s work and success is focused on the following three key areas:


  1. Delivering school-led initial teacher training. ICC lead in this area, recruiting trainees through Teach South West (the ITT part of SWTSA);
  2. Providing tailored continuing professional development to staff across our Alliance. SWTSA delivers its own CPD, as well as signposting access to an extensive number of discounted courses through Teaching School South West (TSSW);
  3. Supporting other schools, usually working with a School or Academy in challenging circumstances to bring about improvement. This strand utilises a number of System Leaders to carry out the work.

Who's who?

Who’s Who?

Roger Pope, CBE is the Strategic Lead for SWTSA with Rob Haring CEO of Westcountry Schools Trust.

Sarah Frame is the Director of SWTSA, Sophie Rae is the Project Manager.

Amy Pearce, Assistant Principal ICC, leads Teach South West School Direct.


SWTSA work alongside a number of System Leaders who can support schools. For example, National Leaders of Education (NLEs). NLEs are strong school leaders, appointed by the DfE, who have experience of effectively supporting schools in challenging circumstances.

SWTSA also designates and deploys Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs). SLEs are outstanding middle and senior leaders with a particular area of expertise and the skills to develop the leadership capacity of colleagues in similar positions in other schools. SLEs can also deliver CPD, lead subject networks and support trainee teachers. The SLEs we work with come from a number of SWTSA schools

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