Teaching Schools South West (TSSW)

Who is Teaching Schools South West (TSSW)?

For the past few years, SWTSA has worked closely with Dartmoor TSA and Exeter Consortium TSA under the umbrella organisation Teaching Schools South West (TSSW). This partnership was extended in January 2020 to include Plymouth TSA, Torbay TSA and South West Specialist Schools Teaching Alliance to become one of six National Teaching School Hubs, designated by the DfE.  Through this partnership of TSAs, TSSW Hub is able to provide services to more than 300 schools in the region.

Currently, there are over 800 Teaching Schools in England, and through the creation of Hubs the DfE are looking to reduce this number to under 100. Being part of TSSW allows SWTSA to work closely with the other TSAs whilst maintaining its own, distinct identity.

Collectively, we are committed to ensuring that we provide outstanding services that make real, lasting, differences to schools and their wider communities. We believe that every school should have access to the training, support and resources they need to achieve their ambitions, regardless of the area they serve or the stage of their improvement journey. And we also believe this should be affordable, with as much money as possible being kept in the school system. 

  • By pooling our expertise, we can support more schools. No school should be left behind.
  • By working together our resources go further
  • By sharing we can offer schools more
  • By standing together, we can push for better arrangements for schools and push back against unhelpful interference in education.  

SWTSA works in partnership with Kingsbridge Research School, local MATs, Maths and English Hubs and a variety of other organisations.


Benefits of being part of SWTSA and TSSW

SWTSA, TSSW and Kingsbridge Research School are led by Roger Pope through the same lead school. This means that we can closely align the aims, beliefs and vision for all three organisations, allowing for positive working relationships and exciting collaborations to develop.

Through being a member of SWTSA and TSSW, schools:

  • Have full access to SWTSA benefits as outlined here.
  • Are able to access a greater range of professional development courses and conferences, both locally and nationally, at a discounted price through TSSW.
  • Can select from our Alliance talent pool of system leaders to support individual school improvement or have the opportunity to utilise TSSW’s.
  • Receive front of the queue access to many national opportunities.

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